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Cognitive Health is the platform to address your health target audience in terms of level and function: Increase your market share, drive sales, launch a new product, gain visibility as a thought-leader, forge new partnerships and create alliances, penetrate a new market, network with senior-level decision makers – whatever your business needs, Cognitive Health can give you the right boost to gain competitive edge!

Business Partners Community

BAYOOMED is specialized in the development of medical apps and medical (standalone) software. With more than 250 person years of project experience in software development in the regulated medical and pharmaceutical environment and over 800 medical & pharma customers, we are among the most experienced medical software developers in Europe.

We engineer MHEALTH / EHEALTH applications under iOS (iPhone & iPAD) and Android according to IEC 62304 and support product developers and innovators from the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors in all phases of software product lifecycle. We have experience in software engineering in the medical device classes I, IIb, and III and the software security classes B and C.

BAYOOMED is highly professional in the regulated CE & FDA environment. We design, develop, test, validate and document medical software and medical apps in accordance with the regulatory standards IEC 62304, ISO 14971, IEC 62366 as well as the FDA Guidance for Mobile Medical Applications. We could offer Due Dilligence Services for medical device classifications, usability engineering, risk management, technical documentation and FDA and CE registration.

Our Quality management processes certified by TÜV Hessen according to ISO 13485 are a testament to our passion for sustainable solutions and distinct customer focus.



d-fine is a European consulting firm which, by means of scientifically minded employees, provides innovative and future-proof solutions through sustainable technological implementation.

Our highly qualified employees combined with their extensive practical experience enable us to develop bespoke, future-proof solutions for our clients’ tasks and to implement these efficiently. The typical integrated d-fine approach − design and implementation under one roof – is a core component of our project work.

d-fine places a strong emphasis on fairness and collaboration with respect to its employees, clients and business partners: the success of our projects is rooted in the close and trusting relationships we enjoy with our clients.


ITK Engineering is an EN ISO 13485-certified technology company which supports device manufacturers in developing medical products including software, hardware and mechatronics. Standard-conforming, connected solutions in the fields of eHealth and robotics belong as much to the portfolio of this middle-sized enterprise as development support throughout the whole product lifecycle. In addition to thorough documentation for licensing from the FDA, MDD and SFDA, the company, whose main office is located in Rülzheim-Palatinate, offers customized consultation in the areas of regulation and methodology.

Originally founded in 1994 as “Engineering Company for Technical Cybernetics” (Ingenieurbüro für technische Kybernetik- ITK), the company also has locations in Berlin, Brunswick, Frankfurt a. M., Friedrichshafen, Ingolstadt, Cologne, Marburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Graz (Austria), Barcelona (Spain), Tokyo (Japan) und Detroit (USA). The company, which belongs to the Bosch Group since 2017, has had a consistent growth in the number of employees at 20% per year and it is intended to continue both in Germany as well as on the international market.



Cortical.io provides natural language understanding (NLU) solutions that enable large enterprises to automate the extraction, monitoring, and analysis of key information from any type of text data.

By understanding the meaning of text, Cortical.io Retina software reduces the time and human effort it takes to complete business-critical data search and review processes. Many repetitive and error-prone manual steps are eliminated, freeing up valuable resources to focus on higher value tasks.

Our solutions can be quickly trained, unsupervised, in the specialized vocabulary of any business domain, and in multiple languages.

We continuously develop the scientific foundations of our methodology and design, capturing all improvements within our proprietary technical framework, in a short lab-to-solution time.

Our enterprise-grade technology is implemented at multiple Fortune 100 businesses, covering a wide spectrum of use cases. Our unique approach has featured in the Economist and the Harvard Business Review, and on Bloomberg and Gartner.

Cortical.io has offices in Europe (HQ in Vienna) and in the US (New York and San Francisco).

Epista Life Science is a consultancy dedicated to continuously improving regulatory compliance. We turn compliance obstacles into business opportunities for our clients and for the industry. When starting the company in 2009, founder Klavs Esbjerg wanted to make an impact on regulatory compliance in the entire Life Science industry. He envisioned Epista as an industry influencer, pioneering new compliance methodologies and technologies to eliminate compliance challenges for Epista’s clients.

Klavs’ ambition has turned into reality. Today, with over 100 global clients, Epista’s original vision and values are still the foundation for everything we do, and Epista is ever more dedicated to continuously improving compliance in the Life Sciences. We help our clients bridge the gap between IT, Quality and Line-of-Business departments by building regulatory requirements seamlessly into business processes. This turns compliance obstacles into real business opportunities, intelligently aligning compliance across organizations, projects and systems.


Accelerating Biomedical Research by Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence ariadne-service gmbh is a Swiss company dedicated to the high-throughput analysis of biomedical images. Our team of more than 30 professional, highly trained image annotators leverages our cutting-edge, deep-learning technology for automated image analysis. This unique combination of human and artificial intelligence is the key for a new era of high-throughput pathology and screening assays, analyzing and quantifying interactions in densely labeled probes with unprecedented detail and accuracy.

Your data is our passion. We offer tailored solutions for your image analysis challenges and routinely turn terabytes of biomedical images into quantitative results, meeting the highest scientific standards. As experts in light and electron microscopy, we also work closely with our customers to optimize their image acquisition pipelines.

Meet us at the 2018 Cognitive Health in Berlin; we would love to boost your image analysis!


Exhibition plan

Startup Partners

Magnosco GmbH, founded in 2014, is a MedTec Company based in the technology park Berlin-Adlershof. We offer a non-invasive method supporting (early) detection of malignant melanoma based on laser technology. CEO Inga Bergen and COO Thomas Diepold lead the team of scientist and technical experts. Magnosco cooperates with Charité Berlin, University Hospital of Tübingen and the University Hospital of Heidelberg, hospital operator Vivantes and LTB Lasertechnik Berlin regarding the development and certification as a medical device.

More and more people know that if skin lesions are changing a doctor’s expertise is very important to detect skin cancer early on. Especially dangerous is the “black skin cancer” (malignant melanoma). The number of cases increases continuously. If detected early the prognosis for a patient is very good. Now, a well-researched non-invasive method supporting (early) detection of malignant melanoma is ready for the doctors’ offices: with laser beam, so called dermatofluoroscopy.

How does it work? Melanin is a skin pigment which works as a natural protective mechanism against sun. When a skin cell changes abnormally, the structure of melanin changes too. Scientist managed to light up melanin with an infrared laser. Fluoresces the melanin stronger in the colour range of green or blue the cell is normal. Strong fluorescence in the red colour range indicates a malignant cell degeneration. The scientists call this the “universal fingerprint” of malignant melanoma, which is clearly identifiable on a molecular level with this method.


We develop AI-based Computer Assisted Diagnosis (AI-CAD) Systems for physicians. Our AI-CAD reduces false diagnoses in the evaluations of medical images while also automating time intensive aspects in the documentation of findings. Our assistance systems are going to be available for physicians in the form of SaaS on www.sherlog.ai and other platforms (e.g. AiCura). Additionally, we expect to produce revenue through licensing our software to producers of radiological software or manufacturers of medical imaging technology. Gradually FUSE-AI is going to develop software solutions for various indications in different techniques of medical imaging, using technical expertise with methods of transfer learning in a highly beneficial way.


Mediaire GmbH was founded in 2018 in Berlin to revolutionize the daily life of radiologists.

Together with experienced radiologists an innovative software for computer based diagnosis in radiology was developed, which is locally installed and saved. Both physicians completed their Phd in magnetic resonance tomography and have beside their scientific work a broad experience in artifical intelligence programming. Mediaires Mission is the improved diagnosis and patient outcome and improved workflow.


Ariana is a health chatbot designed for the healthcare industry that simulates human conversation through artificial intelligence. She is a personal, digital and engaging healthcare support coach in patients’ pockets. By intelligent use of data, continuous learning and meaningful conversation, Ariana builds an evolving personal and insightful relationship with the patients on a daily basis.
At Ariana Digital Health Solutions we are a mission driven team of doctors, industry experts, behavior scientists & encryption specialists who know and understand the business challenges and the special requirements of the healthcare industry. We passionately aspire and work to close the gap in patient care. Our vision is to develop chatbots who build personal relationships through conversations and have sustainable impact of patient’s everyday life, behavior and health.



…in for you – and why partner the Cognitive:Health?

Partnering at Cognitive:Health is connecting you to the right people in a space designed to optimise your relationship-building and business development. Sponsorship gives you access to the a healthcare AI & ML experts audience through:


Meet more than 120+ business leaders, data scientists, large global enterprises, AI technology, innovators, researchers, startups, investors, AI experts, clinicians, big tech and strategists for personalized medication at your booth, during sessions, roundtables, in workshops and more.

Networking & Managed One2Ones

Talk to the people you’re there to meet in more than 30 hours of networking . Host your own private breakfasts & lunches, C-Level One2One meetings, cocktail parties… You will go back to the office with 120+ new business contacts to start the next big thing!


Have your name & ideas featured on the main agenda, in our unique event app, in emails, on our website, and throughout the event floor space. Benefit from the ultimate social selling – share an experience! Showcase your story in innovative ways via website, live channels and conference app throughout the full 12-month cycle, as well as having a physical presence onsite.


Showcase your solutions and run product demos to drive interest amongst the healthcare AI ecosystem. Benefit from our dedicated and extensive marketing campaign to assemble the AI & ML community of healthcare industry experts around your ideas.


Promote your company as a thought leader to the entire healthcare AI ecosystem and launch a new product, a new alliance or partner up at the event.


Get your ideas, product and solutions in front of the right audience – spanning the entire global ecosystem of pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, clinicians and providers, health tech companies, science, consultancies, insurers, academics and investors.

This event is of the right size, which allows sufficient interactions between participants.
Thiam-Soon Gan
Manager Data Science, Novartis
Incredibly inspirational and humbling to be amongst some of the best minds in the business.
Adam Drake
Solutions Manager, Intel
Diverse players, lots of presentations which show detailed work, roadmaps and problems as well es the diversity of the field.
Georg Mayer
R&D Director, Phillips Healthcare
Very rich discussions thanks to a high diversity of industries and profiles.
Lucas Braquet
Machine Learning Engineer, Siemens Healthineers
Interesting perspectives and thoughts, now we need to focus and implement.
Kjeld Jespersen
Digital & Technology Manager, GSK


We understand that the key reasons for success in AI are to meet the right people at the right time. To attend an AI conference means to network, learn from our peers and make valuable contacts that will help you boost your company towards making AI in healthcare a reality. To facilitate this, we have created a range of bespoke packages managed through our dedicated concierge team, allowing you to maximize your time on site, meet the people you need to and create lasting value-adding business connections. These include:

HUBS Matchfinder! Powered by AI

HUBS is we.CONECT’s unique Event App & Matchfinder – Use our unique matching platform to make new connections, arrange meetings and find tailored solutions to your needs.

search. find. match. network.

Meet! Cognitive:Health

Discover who else is participating at Cognitive:Health 2022. Our unique Polaroid Picture Wall will help you identify who you want to meet at the conference.

Thought provoking...

…hosted Icebreakers, World Café Roundtables and various other workshops – 2 ½ days full with interaction uncover project details from other motivated delegates themed by Expertise.

Onsite Meeting Service...

…to make sure that your scheduled meetings will happen.

Say Hello

Get the show on the road. Discover who is joining Cognitive:Health and why. To warm you up for the conference we invite you to get to know your conference peers. Have your business cards ready.


Round tables on the evening before the first conference day. The Icebreaker is a first informal networking.

Networking Dinner

Wind down, enjoy great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere to absorb all the new stimulations from the day.

Primary Media Partner

Cognitive Technologies Voice explores and encompasses the impact of cognitive technologies, AI and its subfields and related areas, such as Machine- & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Imaging Systems, NLPS, Neural networks, Cognitive Robotics, Automated Reasoning and a lot of more, on organisations and helps leaders make wise strategy and technology choices.


Media Partners

Transforming news into insights, not only do we serve as a source of information but as the breeding ground for innovative ideas and exchange of breath-taking strategies that can make a difference in your technological understanding. We bring forth an enhanced, clever and a comprehensive platform which can assist the information seekers a filtered view of what they are searching. Our technology magazine is spearheading a revolution to provide knowledgeable articles written in simple yet lucid language that can give an insight into the latest in the world of technology.


Bentham Science Publishers is a major STM journal publisher of 130 plus print and online journal. Out of these, 40 journals have already registered good IMPACT FACTORS as per Journal Citation Reports® 2017. These titles have extensive readership mostly in Europe and North America. Besides, Bentham Science publishes eBooks in all areas of Science, Technology and Medicine. Our eBooks provide professionals, academicians, corporate researchers, graduates and undergraduates worldwide with the most current information in their subject areas of interest. Our eBooks are also available in the ePub and Kindle formats besides the PDF edition here http://ebooks.benthamscience.com/. Bentham Science is offering 20% discounts on purchasing eBooks and subscriptions on Journals to delegates attending the conference. TO AVAIL, QUOTE “BSPCNF2019” at www.eurekaselect.com or email at marketing@benthamscience.net.

View Website

Our media partner Cognilytica is an analyst firm that provides real-world, industry and adoption focused market research, intelligence, advisory on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related areas. Cognilyitica also produces the popular AI Today podcast that discusses relevant topics related to AI and ML and interviews thought leaders in the field.



…are our sponsors & exhibitors?

Our Business Partner are carefully selected to make sure that our attendees meet the right people. Cognitive:Health exhibition & content partnership is covering following areas in 2022:

  • AI & ML Infrastructure
  • Natural language understanding solutions
  • Computer vision enablement, content intelligence, machine learning platforms
  • AI software for medical imaging and diagnostics, clinical decision-support, personalized care, drug discovery, medical devices etc.
  • Consulting

Investments in AI applications and cognitive technologies experience unprecedented growth and this requires an all-inclusive event platform to bring its key contributors and influences together in the one space.

Driven by generating genuine business connections, Cognitive Health is committed to showcasing your products, ideas and innovations and ensuring they are shared with the right customers in a new and exciting way.

we understand clients – we go deeper – we transform the experience

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